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  Alta White Teeth Whitening Strips

alta whiteAlta White Teeth Whitening - This patented dental whitening system begins washing away coffee, tea and other hard-to-remove stains after only one use. A unique 2-step process releases free oxygen to oxidize and lift organic stains away from teeth.

  • Whiter brighter teeths in 7 days
  • No costly dental visit
  • No messy strips or trays to wear

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Alta White Teeth Whitening Strips

alta white teeth whitenLast night was my reunion; it was a day I was quite excited about. Specially considering how I had not met some of these people for the longest of times.

I was very curious about most, specially those Queen of the world types. God I hate those type of girls…

Anyway, so I went out and got my best dress, dressed up quite a bit and a few hours later I was surrounded by people who made me remember why I hated school.

We were all having a few drinks when one of those ‘Queen bee’ types said, “Oh Amilia, you poor thing…”

Offcourse that statement took me by surprise because I had no clue what she was talking about. Next thing I know it she started laughing.

Whiter Brighter Teeth

“Umm, is something wrong?” I asked.
“You poor thing, your line of work does not allow you much time does it?”
“Excuse me?” I asked feeling slightly insulted.
“Well you know, your teeth…”
“What about them?” I asked furious.
“They are not white enough.” She said laughing and walking away.

Of course, I cursed under my breath and walked towards the loo wondering why did she make that statement, considering my dental hygiene is always perfect.

My close friend followed me, “Don’t Laura get to you Amilia. Ever since she has gotten rich, everything she has is fake. She probably has gotten fake white teeth too.”

3 steps for whiter teeth

The Best Teeth Whitening System

I shrugged, “Well, never mind, let’s just go out and have some fun.”

Just as my friend and I were about to leave the loo, two girls entered. We picked up on the gossip.

“Laura told me she has been using Alta White, she even gave me a sample. She is such a good friend” said girl 1.

“How do you use it?” asked girl 2

“All you have to do is snap the swab tip with the colour ring, dip the wet applicator into the whitening powder and simply apply to teeth evenly” explained girl 1

“Oh let’s try it today!” exclaimed girl 2.

I rolled my eyes and walked out, though I did make a mental note, to go and Alta Teeth for myself.

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